Parents at risk as kids have more gadgets at school

Parents are risking hundreds of pounds by letting their children have more  gadgets at school as over half aren’t correctly insured to cover their kids’ tech-infatuations, latest research shows. gadgets at school

The results come from a survey by insurance broker Policy Expert, and they suggest children very much have the upper-hand over their parents when it comes to exerting control over their use of technology.

Children have hundreds of pounds worth of gadgets at school

Forget going to school with just a satchel containing some schoolbooks and pens. The average cost to replace all the valuables children now take to school has hit £205, while an astonishing 11% of parents say their kids carry around items worth £500.

The most common gadgets that school kids have on them are mobile phones, with 36% carrying them regularly to class.

Almost one in five children, or 17%, takes an assortment of iPads and tablets, games consoles, laptops and e-readers through the school gates.

One in fourteen carries a musical instrument and a small number wear jewellery in the classroom.

However, 53% of children aren’t allowed to take any gadgets or valuables with them.

Kids have the upper hand

Many of the gadgets being taken in to schools are extremely expensive to buy so it would appear the pressure children exert on parents to get their own way is paying off; the average age parents say they would let a child take a hi-tech item such as an iPad or tablet with them to school is just 12.

And parents don’t help themselves; 38% say they would let children of primary school age take gadgets to school, and 12% would allow them to carry gadgets worth more than £200, and 4% more than £500.

Parents risk hundreds of pounds without the right cover

As twelve-year-olds aren’t renowned for being particularly reliable when it comes to looking after their things, parents are taking a fairly major financial risk letting their kids carry such valuable items to school.

This is especially the case for those that aren’t correctly insured with ‘away from home’ cover. Well over half of the parents surveyed, 55%, admit they either don’t have, or aren’t sure if they have, insurance which includes cover for possessions taken away from the home.

A sensible 45% say they do, but that leaves the rest potentially having to shell out hundreds of pounds to replace lost, damaged or stolen items.

What is away from home cover?

Away from home cover is available as part of general home insurance to financially protect possessions from theft, loss and damage when they’re taken outside of the home, usually at a small extra cost.

It’s not often included as standard, but can be added to existing cover quickly and easily by a phone call to the insurer or insurance broker.

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