Buying a new phone: Is it covered under home insurance?

The hassle and pain that comes with losing a mobile phone can be considerable, including the possible financial cost; whether that’s paying for a new phone, or the calls a thief might have managed to make.Gadgets mobile phone

What many people don’t realise is that their much-loved and possibly expensive smartphone might not be covered by their insurance.


Will you automatically be covered for a new phone?

Many standard home insurance policies will only cover your phone if it’s stolen from your home. As phones are so easily and often lost, damaged or stolen the chances of your policy covering your phone when you’re out and about are slim.

However, for not a great deal more you can buy insurance optional extras which will ensure you’re covered wherever you are.

Buying cover through an add on will nearly always be cheaper than buying specialist individual phone cover, which can be something of a rip off.


What to consider

There are a number of things to consider when checking with your insurer if your mobile is fully covered:

1.Phone claim limit

There will be a claim limit for your mobile, and this will vary from provider to provider. It could be just a couple of hundred pounds and you need to pay for an increase, or it might be well over the mobile’s value.

2.Your mobile and your no claims bonus

One of the only reasons people should consider taking out specialist, separate cover for their mobile is if they are prone to losing phones, and like to have a valuable handset.

If you lose your phone regularly, and you have the correct cover on your home insurance, your chances of building up a decent no claims discount are slim. No claims discounts can reduce the price of your cover by as much as 30%.

3. Downloads, such as for music or games

Many people spend a lot of cash downloading music and games on to their phones. Some insurers will cover the cost of losing these, but others won’t, so always check if you download a lot of music, video, games and apps.

 4. Replacements

Mobile phone can be crucial for your communications, both personal and business. If you lose your phone and want a replacement straight away, you’ll have to pay extra and indicate you require this to the insurer. Some won’t offer it at all, others will.

5.   New for old

You should also check that the cover you have, or decide to take out, has a ‘new for old’ policy, whereby you’ll get the exact same version you lost back, or at least the newest equivalent if the old model is no longer sold.


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