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Keep your presents safe from delivery thieves

Keep your presents safe from delivery thieves

Millions of households risk being left out of pocket while thieves target delivery drop offs

Millions of Britons now do most of their Christmas shopping online, risking theft during delivery and, quite probably, being without insurance cover for their purchases, latest research shows.

One-in-twelve have had presents go missing

The figures, from insurer Policy Expert, show that almost three-quarters of Britons (73%) buy presents online for home delivery. Of these, around 32million are in employment, but only one-in-eleven (9%) have their purchases delivered to their place of work.

As one-in-twelve (8%) had something they bought via the internet go missing last Christmas, the potential for disaster is fairly high for the 23.3million households involved.

Some purchases left outside

Policy Expert’s research indicates that some ask for purchases to be delivered to a relative’s house (5%) while one-in-fifty (2%) give instructions for them to be left with a neighbouring house, or even outside their home.

Almost one-in-ten (9%) have clearly decided it’s all too much hassle, or risky perhaps, and avoid ordering anything online altogether by actually going to the shops.

Only one-in-twenty get their money back

While one-in-twelve experienced gift purchases going missing last year, others (6%) have had something arrive which was damaged during delivery.

Of these, only one-in-twenty (5%) managed to get their money back and relatively few (6%) received a replacement which as delivered safely.

A major issue for anyone experiencing problems when ordering online is that missing or damaged items won’t be covered by home insurance. As it’s such a relatively common experience, and also very difficult to establish who is at fault and where in the process the problem occurred, insurers don’t offer compensation.

The lesson is to remain vigilant when shopping online; carefully read online reviews of retailers’ delivery performance and general reliability, as well as being very clear with any special delivery instructions.

Policy Expert

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Published 27 November 2017