Is your Home Insurance Ready for the Sunshine?

The onset of sunny weather can make people a little more careless with their home security. For example, leaving doors and window unlocked, valuables out in the garden etc.That holiday feeling can occasionally make us a little more lax, which could put your home insurance at risk. 

Here’s what to look out for when the sun’s out

Garden contents:

Make sure your policy extends to cover the contents of your garden – including a shed or summer house. A standard policy may not include this automatically and you could need some additional cover.

Garden items like BBQs, gardening equipment and lawnmowers can add up to considerable sums and could be a target for thieves, so it’s well worth getting them covered. Remember to lock up garden items securely after use rather than leaving them out on display. As well as tempting opportunist theft, some larger items (such as ladders) could be used to force entry and break into your main property.

Be careful:

When popping out of the house or even sitting in a back garden, make sure you lock your windows and doors. It can be very tempting to leave windows open when it’s hot, but only do this when the property is occupied.

If you were unfortunate enough to be burgled and your property was not properly secured, you may find that your insurer refuses to pay your claim.

Also, take extra care as BBQ season gets into full swing. Make sure your BBQ is in a safe location away from low hanging trees, your property and any outbuildings. Always ensure the BBQ is attended once it has been lit to avoid fire risk.


If you spend a lot of time tending to your garden and have expensive flowers and shrubs, you may want to have some specific insurance for your plants. This can help cover them from acts of vandalism or storm damage. You can also normally cover garden ornaments or water features under this type of insurance.

Wedding season:

As the weather gets warmer, wedding season well and truly kicks off, with the average cost of a wedding being around £18,000. This is a huge financial outlay for any couple, which is why wedding insurance may be on your list .For example, wedding insurance could help pick up the pieces if a venue cancels your booking unexpectedly or a catering company goes out of business.

Policies can vary quite extensively in the exact circumstances they cover – so make sure you read all the details carefully.


If you’re a fan of mobile living, you’ll no doubt want to protect your pride and joy.

Specialist caravan insurance is available to cover your caravan for a whole range of eventualities. This can include fire, flood, storm damage or theft – right through to repatriation costs if your caravan was damaged while abroad and needed to be recovered, repaired and returned to you in the UK. Again, policies can vary in their level of cover – so always check all the details.

There are many different types of caravan, all with different requirements and features, so it’s wise to talk directly to a specialist who can advise on the right insurance for your needs.

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