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How much do the contents of your handbag add up to?

How much do the contents of your handbag add up to?

Handbags are often bought as flashy fashion items, with many people paying hundreds or even thousands of pounds for theirs. What’s inside them can be worth a lot of money too.

How much do you think yours would cost to replace? And can you be certain you have the right sort of insurance to cover you if it was lost or stolen?

Small fortune on your shoulder?

A handbag can cost just a few pounds in a charity shop or thousands for a designer version in Mayfair, and people put all sorts of valuable things in them. In fact, recent research by retailer John Lewis suggested that the average value of a handbag and its contents in the UK was £1,300, which might seem a little over the top.

But if you consider that items such as mobile phones and jewellery are often kept inside, it’s clear that many people are walking around with a small fortune on their shoulder.

Average handbag and contents: £1,185

Below is how much the average handbag, along with the typical things kept in it, might be worth, and therefore how much you stand to lose if you don’t have the right home cover.

Without even going too over the top with the contents and bag value, the figure is a frightening £1,185.

If you consider some people will also often carry their laptop, or even more jewellery than suggested here, and the John Lewis’ research figure mentioned above of £1,300 might be closer to the average, or perhaps even more!

Typical handbag and contents value:

The handbag itself (e.g. Ralph Lauren Tote bag) – £150

E-Reader (e.g. Kindle) – £55

Tablet (e.g. iPad mini) – £400

Lipstick (e.g. NARS lip pigment) – £20

Smart phone (e.g. Galaxy S7) – £320

Sunglasses (e.g. Rayban) – £30

Purse (e.g. Karen Millen) – £60

Jewellery (e.g. Michael Kors Wunder bracelet) – £70

Cash – £20

Travel card – £20

Other: Gloves, scarf, umbrella – £40

Total cost replacement cost: £1185

Emotional impact of losing one

It’s not only the financial value that’s at risk. The bag itself might have taken months to find, with a Tablet inside that has lots of cherished photos saved on it and a pair of earrings handed down from a grandmother.

Additional cover usually needed

At least being able to claim the items’ value back on insurance would go some way to making up for the emotional pain.

But, sadly for many, their home cover won’t allow them to claim if their bag is lost, stolen or damaged. That’s because most policies don’t include ‘away-from-home’ clauses as standard and, if something’s going to happen to a handbag, it’s usually when the owner’s out and about.

Cover for possessions outside of the insured property can usually be added for only a few pounds extra a month.



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Published 26th March 2018