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How much are the contents of your child’s backpack worth?

How much are the contents of your child’s backpack worth?

Are you one of the parents trusting your five-year-old with £239 worth of valuables in their school backpack?

Parents are risking letting children younger than six-years old go to school with valuables worth an average of £239. And many don’t have the right sort of insurance to cover them if things go wrong, latest research shows.

The figures, from insurer Policy Expert, reveal that shockingly the youngest children are second only to teenagers when it comes to carrying expensive gear beyond the school gates.

Children under-six have items in their bags worth an astonishing average of £239, which is £87 more than the next age-group up of 6 to 10 year olds. For those aged 14 to 16 it’s an eye-watering £486.

Some carry items worth over £1,000

And there are plenty of kids carrying gear to school worth even more than the average.

A significant number, one-in-fourteen (7%), of those aged 10 to 14 take in possessions worth £500 to £999. One-in-twenty (5%) of 14 to 16 year-olds carry items worth between £1,000 and £1,499 while for one-in-eight (8%) of the same age group it’s £500 to £999.

Tech items and ‘traditional’ gear very popular

One of the most distracting items a child can have with them is, of course, a mobile phone, but one-in-three (32%) 10 to 14 year-olds are allowed to take one to class.

It’s slightly lower in the 14 to 16 age group, with just under one-in-three (30%) having a phone on them at school.

Mobiles are by far the most common piece of technology taken in. Other popular items include tablets, laptops, games consoles and wearable tech such as Fitbits. In fact, the stats show that even one-in-eight (12%) children under six have expensive tech of some sort or other at school!

Other perhaps more traditional possessions kids commonly have with them at school include purses, wallets, musical instruments and sporting equipment.

Financial risk of no cover for kids possessions

The main problem for parents comes when a child loses or breaks something or has it stolen. The third (31%) who say they don’t have insurance for possessions taken outside the family home won’t be able to claim on their child’s behalf.

Another 29% say they can’t be sure if they have ‘away from home’ cover or not, so they might not be able to claim either.

Parents also commute with no cover

But it’s not only kids’ valuables parents are taking a risk with. Policy Expert’s figures show that, on average, they carry items worth more than £600 on them during the daily commute.

Such items typically include similar things to those children take to school; mobiles, tablets, purses, wallets and wearable tech.


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Published 22 August 2017