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Making Sure Gadgets Are InsurediPad home

It’s not often these days that burglars break into a house and strip it of all its contents, such as mirrors, sofas, fridges and rugs. They’re now more likely to be after the valuable hi-tech gadgets many of us own.

Gadgets can cost a small fortune to replace

Items such as iPads, iPhones, tablets, laptops and digital cameras are so small and portable thieves can be through a window and out again with your gadgets in a matter of seconds.

Insuring iPads, iPhones, Laptops & Tech

Such items can be worth a small fortune, and if you don’t have the right home insurance to cover you for their theft, accidental damage or loss, you could be left seriously out of pocket.

But if you do take out cover, you should be careful to check that individual gadgets are included, or whether they need insuring as separate items. As smartphones, laptops and other tech gear are so easily stolen or lost, some insurers require this, especially if they’re worth over a set limit as defined in the policy.

The best laptops, for example, can be worth thousands and many insurers will ask you to specify what they are, or may insist they’re covered separately. The same can apply to other gadgets, such as highly valuable digital cameras and tablets.

Are you covered for gadgets away from home?

Some policies automatically include away from home cover, so that if you’re in a café and a thief swipes your handbag with a valuable camera and mobile phone in it, your items will be replaced, but others don’t. Always double check with the insurer, especially if this is vital to you.

Valuable downloads

If you have a large store of music or films downloaded onto your tech, check if this is covered under your policy. All insurers cover ‘virtual property’ and downloads differently so if your collection is sizable, check your policy details carefully. You could also look into other options, such as external hard drives, back-ups or cloud storage solutions.

Insurance technology check list

Here’s a check list of what to consider when, and ask and insurer, when shopping around for getting quotes with the intention of including your tech gear:

  • How much are my gadgets worth? It’s easy to underestimate this.
  • What’s the insurer’s specified amount or limit of contents cover protection (i.e. the maximum they will pay out for a single item).
  • Do I need to specify any items in particular?
  • Do I need specialist separate cover for certain gadgets?
  • Will I be covered for loss away from my home?
  • Should I pay extra for accidental damage (especially, perhaps, if you have children or pets!)?
  • How quickly will vital items such as laptops be replaced? Some insurers provide 24 hour replacement guarantees.


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