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Festival-goers risk ramping up costs

Festival-goers risk ramping up costs

Going to a festival can be a wonderful experience, but it usually comes at a price, which might be even higher than expected without the right insurance cover.

Tickets to mega-fests such as Glastonbury cost around £250, so when you add in travel and spending money you’re talking serious cash. But the cost could be ramped up even more without the sort of insurance in place which means you’re covered while at the event.

Recent figures from insurance provider Policy Expert show that your average festival-goer often takes expensive personal items with them when they head off to a field in the middle of nowhere.

One-in-ten take gear worth over £1,000

Some festival-goers load-up with fashion-wear, quality camping gear and hi-tech items, as one-in-ten take valuables with them worth over £1,000.

Others are a little more conservative, and therefore risk less – or simply aren’t as loaded in the first place.

Just under one-in-three (29%) say they carry valuables worth between £100 and £300 with them to their fave rave. If you imagine they’re taking a cheap tent, sleeping bag and a mobile, along with some spare pants perhaps, it sounds about right.

Almost the same number (27%) pack possessions costing anywhere between £300 and £1,000, which would allow for a broad range of possessions including better camping items as well as perhaps jewellery, sunglasses, laptops, tablets, and high-end phones.

A small, but significant minority – around one-in-twelve (8%) – clearly don’t mind a more basic festival experience as they only take things worth less than £25.

The problem for many is that they won’t have the type of insurance cover needed to ensure a claim can be made if things go a bit wrong.

Without away-from-home cover as part of their home insurance, festival-goers won’t be able to claim for anything that’s stolen, lost or broken while away. So their ‘mind-blowing’ experience could end up blowing their spending budget for the year too.

When you consider that one-in-ten (10%) have had to deal with the aftermath of a mobile phone, credit or debit card, or cash being stolen or lost while at a festival, it’s clear those without the right insurance are taking quite a risk.

As many go to festivals needing to have with them most of what they take, three-quarters (75%) keep their valuables on their person at all times while at a festival.

Only one-in-thirteen (6%) lock them away in a car and a care-free 3% leave valuables in their tent.

Policy Expert

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Published 4 June 2019