Could you lose your tunes? Do you have download insurance?

If you’re a download junkie with hundreds of tunes stored on your laptop and phone, you may need to if your home insurance includes cover for downloads.

Should you suffer a burglary or damage to your music storage device, it’s quite possible you’d be at risk of losing your music for good. ‘Oh well’ you may think, ‘I’ll just download it again.’ Be aware though, that the collective value of all your digital music could run into hundreds of pounds – making replacing it an expensive and time-consuming process.

Although the cost of your actual laptop or gadget should be covered, it’s less likely that the downloaded material on it will be

Research from Which? has revealed that a third of home insurers’ standard policies do not offer the policyholder any type of digital download insurance. This may seem surprising when it’s estimated that around 100 million tracks are downloaded by UK music fans every year.

The study also highlighted that only 4 providers of digital music – HMV Digital,, 7digital and Tesco Entertainment will allow their customers to re-download any lost tracks. Apparently, iTunes – a major, well-used source of digital music, will only permit tracks to be downloaded by a customer once.

In an age where the popularity of digital music continues to rise – perhaps insurers should evolve and start to offer appropriate download insurance for current trends? Many seem to be dragging their heels when it comes to increasing and widening the scope of their cover in line with technological advancements. However, there are some leading insurance brands who do offer cover for downloaded material – so check before you buy a policy if this is important to you. Backing up your music on an external hard drive may also prove a more practical, cost-effective way of helping to protect your downloads. If you back-up your information regularly, you might feel that insurance is unnecessary.

In addition, do check that your laptop and portable music devices are actually covered in the first place. This may not automatically be the case and you could need some additional cover. Make sure that the policy also covers them when they’re taken outside of the house.

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